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Mother Lode Coffee Roasting Company provides the freshest and highest quality coffees from around the world.

Because they use small batch roasters, they can monitor each and every roast for perfection. And because they roast-to-order, our coffee display is always full of fresh roasted roasted beans.
In fact Dan Says - "It's the best darned coffee I've ever had."
Free Samples Daily
Mother Lode Coffee Roasting Web Site

Our Sausage Products are All Produced Under The USDA (FSIS) Food Safety Inspection Service and A Fully Implemented HACCP Program

Nicosia's Gourmet Products Web Site

The Pheonix Pastificio brings us Fresh Hand Made Pasta . Varieties include Meyer Lemon & Chili,

The founders of Peter's Kettle Corn, John and Peter Ngu, have always had a weakness for sweet eats. In 2007, childhood memories of their favorite Kettle Cron at street fairs and framers markets inspired them to open their own kettle corn establishment and turn a dream into a reality. Based out of   Alameda   California , Peter's Kettle Corn is a local, family owned business that uses all natural ingredients to deliver what many say is the “Best Kettle Corn!”

Whether it’s milk, ice cream, yogurt or butter, Straus Family Creamery tastes better than others, Organically grown the way it used to be, Straus Family Creamery is just that: a small, family-owned, organic dairy and creamery.

Look at this Gorgeous Bread!
The same folks that bring us our hand-made Organic Fresh Pasta, bring this fantastic Rustic Olive bread delivered warm every afternoon!

Our product line is vegan which means there is no milk from a cow nor honey from a bee. We bake them with organic whole grain and wheat flours, olive oil, barley malt, sea salt and yeast, kneaded with lots of love and handrolled in seeds. There is just about 1 tablespoon of olive oil per lovestick. All ingredients are 100% natural.


"We are proud to be farmers."

A local Family Farm since 1953, we at Glaum Egg Ranch take pride in producing the freshest egg you will ever taste. The health of the chickens is our first priority. We start by giving them a home at our beautiful 28 acre ranch nestled in the foothills of Santa Cruz County and surrounded by healthy organic fields. Since our ranch is 100% CAGE FREE, our chickens, at anytime, have the luxury of roaming free, dust bathing, perching, nesting, eating and drinking. Our chickens drink fresh water daily from our own well and are fed a natural organic and vegetarian diet without animal proteins - more...

We carry a Wide vaierty of imported and domestic cheese, locally produced cheese from Cowgirl Creamery & other local producers as well as Grafton and Cabot of Vermont, Raw and Organic Cheeses.



Fresh Salsas, Guacamole & Totilla Chips. Everything you need for your backyard barbeque, house party or just plain snack or a dinner side. Web Site


Voila! Juices is proud to be one of the major suppliers of Fresh and Flash Pasteurized Fruit Juices in the San Francisco Bay Area with hundreds of loyal customers from Sacramento to Los Gatos.

Gary Boland, one of the original partners, still runs his business with the same mission he had from the very beginning, that is to offer his customers quality fresh products that not only taste delicious but are truly healthy too.

Voila! Juice Web Site


Oat Cuisine is a small business that I started in 1983 - after checking out the local commercial granola scene and finding there was a serious need for seriously good granola. That, and I needed to earn a living. More

"This locally produced granola is my absolute favorite!"

We offer a large variety of European-style breads! All of our breads are 100% natural, with no added fats, oils or sugars. For people with sensitive allergies to wheat, be sure to check out our wheat-free Pumpernickel.


Chef Tony Merola's

What a great addition to our fantastic fresh
Sausages from Nicosia's & Scalise.
Look for Must-A-Kraut in our Gourmet Foods section.

Baking is our passion. Providing you with the freshest and highest quality breads and pastries at a reasonable price is our goal. We search the world for the finest ingredients; fennel from India, flour from Idaho (yes, Idaho is its own country), sesame from India and Central America, poppy seeds from Australia, cinnamon from Indonesia, vanilla from Madagascar. We are and always will be self-proclaimed bread and pastry nerds.

Cultured's ten varieties of sauerkrauts account for the majority of the shops production. The flavors of these cabbage pickles range from classic Eastern European spices to Ayurvedic blends, and quite a lot in between. All of Cultured's sauerkrauts are naturally fermented in the brine created from the juice of the vegetables and salt—no vinegar—no water—no heat. They are unpasteurized to retain their vibrant ecosystem of beneficial probiotic bacteria.


We carry fine gourmet foods from
San Francisco Specialty Food Co.

Many of our customers have enjoyed impressive success on the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Plan through Symmetry Chiropractic. An integral part of that success is Walden Farms products while on the plan and even after. We carry a large selection of salad dressings, syrups, dips and many other WF products.
Eating a salad is healthy, unless it's topped with high calorie, high fat salad dressings that can easily add hundreds of calories. Instead, eat “The Walden Way” and enjoy a collection of 20 Walden Farms Calorie Free Salad Dressings. No calories, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any !

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