Our commitment is to small local growers first, when local is unavailable we source elsewhere. It is a very rare occasion that your box will have produce that is not locally grown. If and when this occurs it will be noted on this page and will usually be limited to one or two items. For instnace apples and or pears from Washington or Oregon only during California's "off season."

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What's in The Box This Week Aug 2, 2017

How it works:

Dan has several small growers bringing their produce to his market daily. In addition, Dan and Philip visit many farms in the area and hand select fresh fruit & veggies to bring back to the market .

Between the pick ups and deliveries we are able to put together boxes from these grower
Most of the farms are certified organic and some of them are not big enough to afford the enormous costs in certification but still grow using all organic methods.

* During the Winter Months (November - March) we may substitue items from larger growers due to limited availability from our local growers. Mostly apples and pears and a few other items. this is done with great scrutiny and makes the box available year round with quality organic fruit and vegetables.

Winter Blues
Not enough variety from the Locals during the Winter?

This week's Box:

  • Cantaloupes
    Pinnacle Growers
  • Strawberries
    Oya Organics
  • Thompson Seedless Grapes
    Benzler Farm
  • White Babcock Peaches
    Sunrise Farm
  • Honey Punch Plums
    Sunrise Farm
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes
    Perry Farms
  • Honey Royale Yellow Nectarines
  • Romaine Letuce
    Perry Farms
  • Summer Squash Mix
    Oya Organics
  • Slicing Cucumbers
    Perry Farms
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes
    Perry Farms
  • Celery
    Catalan FamilyFarm

  • Red Bell Peppers
    Pinnacle Growerss

We have a wide selection of Organic Fruit and Vegetables from other growing regions both domestic and abroad. Your Box can be modified to include these items byconverting from a Standartd Box to an "Organic Mix" Box.

Our CSA Box is available every Wednesday afternoon anywhere in Alameda.
Your first box will be ready for pickup or delivery on the first Wednesday after you place your order.
Boxes are 32.95 for pick up or 34.95 delivered.

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Deliveries available anywhere on the Island as well as Harbor Bay/Bay Farm and Alameda Point and Now in Oakland in the Park St. Bridge Area Map


A List of many of the Local Farms that will be in Your Box


Eat Fresh— Shop Local— Support Local Growers


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Spring Onions, Pastured Eggs.