Meyer Lemons

Meyer Lemons vary in color from yellow to orangey-yellow when fully ripe. The skin is much thinner than a regular Eureka or Lisbon Lemons (common produce department lemons).
The juice is sweeter and is very popular amongst chefs. In fact most of the Meyer Lemon sales at Dan’s Fresh Produce are to the local restaurants in the area.

The lemon is named after Frank Meyer an agricultural explorer for the USDA who brought the fruit from China in 1908. The Meyer Lemon is one of over 25,500 plants that he introduced to the US from many other countries. The downfall with this fantastic fruit was that the trees carried a citrus virus called tristeza which attacked the leaves. In 1975 the Improved virus-free Meyer Lemon was introduced and replaced all the original trees in California.

When selecting Meyer Lemons in the store keep in mind that the fruit is usually softer than standard lemons and that is perfectly okay. Just keep away from brown spotted fruit and decay. Otherwise, with all citrus select fruit heavy for its size.

Meyer lemon juice is used in cocktails, risotto, and may other specialty dishes.
This article in the Los Angeles Times gives you 100 things to do with Meyer Lemons. Enjoy!

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